This line is inspired by old school tattoos which are one of the most popular trends in the art of tattooing, easily recognizable with thick black lines, small detail and accurate filling of shapes. This trend began in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in America and Europe. Its founders were mostly sailors and travelers. They were superstitious people who believed that the tattoo would protect them from misery. That is why there is a hidden symbolism in them. What depicted the drawings on their bodies was related to their lives.

Because they were away from home for a long time, they chose drawings which reminded them of their land-life: names of their loved ones, their images and the passionate cartoons, often portraying gambling symbols to bring them luck. Old school tattoos are characteristic of having a bright and spectacular look. They often have a black border and inside they are colored in bright colors. Red and orange are mandatory colours in this style. Also blue, yellow, violet and green are also commonly used. This Spring these colours are also present in the designs of the leading fashion brands.

Each style and old school has its distinctive features, such as roses, hearts, eagles, female heads, the swallowtail and figures related to the sea, a perfect look for the beach this summer.