The hat is an accessory with that you can express your character and personality. It is suitable for all kind of events, from exquisite and pretentious to casual and diligent collections. If you want to keep up with fashion, however, don`t be afraid to bet on the new hit baseball cap. It already left the sports playground and conquers the catwalks. The giants in fashion also didn`t hesitate to include it as an accessory in its new collections. What it implies is the idea of total freedom and absolute negligence. It is logical to use hats as a final touch for the sports silhouettes in your wardrobe, but with the same ease, you can include them as a complement to romantic long dresses, mini-length suits, wide shirts, denim or animistic prints. If it was unthinkable to combine the hat with elegant shoes before, it is now perfectly acceptable. Besides the mysterious negligence that you can give to your styling with this accessory, it will protect you perfectly from the harmful sun rays. With Snake Legend`s monochrome models with fine embroidery, you can be discreet and at the same time to combine them with almost anything in your wardrobe. With our colourful Mesh Snapback and Trucker Snapback, you can bravely stand out with flawless and interesting styling.